Guide For Moving Plants:

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Do these in two or three weeks before the move

To pruning your plants consult with your local florist. They are more manageable and pack easier.

Do these on two or three days before the move

If you are moving the water plants in the winter season, keep plastic bags around the packing boxes so moisture will not seep through and weaken cartons. To avoid the problem because of ventilation and too much moisture, slice many holes about the range of an area on the top and sides of the carton. Then mark the carton “This is Upside” and “Plants-Fragile”.

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Do this on day before the move

Water plants are well in morning period of the summer days. Wrap each pot with damp newspaper, if plants are in mud pots, and then keep more layers of dry paper. Use dry papers only to wrap plastic pots. Make funnel-shaped sleeves out of heavy paper to protect. But this sleeve must be the height of the plant and also the width of its pot. Keep the sleeves around the plant without any damage and fold very safely. Pack larger stake plants very carefully and if necessary tie their leaves and wrap with the paper funnel. Keep the same size of plants into the box. Give some more space between plant lid and top of the plant. To pack pots use more cushion paper and make sure pots are against each other.

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Do on moving day

round the top of the plant's place newspaper, it will prevent your plant from summer and winter effect. Then close lids and covered with tape. If you move all plants with the household items you required certification documents. When your van operator arrives you submit all certification documents. If you move all plants in your car, load at the last time. But make sure plants are won’t be tipped over.

At Destination

After reach, your new destination opens the boxes as soon as possible. To minimize shock keep plants few hours in the boxes. After that day takes from boxes and pours water. Cut some branches around the plant base it will avoid the branches breaking then lift the plants by its lid. After some weeks of move place the plant in direct sunlight.

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At Destination

Maybe you relocate from hot place to cold area; you need cool white fluorescent lights. After unpacking, root all plants without any delay. Because of simple shock or ethylene accumulation in the truck leaves will become yellow and drop. But it is normal problem don’t get shocked. Also air, water quality, altitude and moisture conditions etc are different in your new home so some plants will effect heavier.

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How to pack electronic equipment during move
Please follow the special packing procedures while packing electronic equipment while on moving:
First of all remove CDs, DVDs, VHS tapes and other media from equipment. Remove batteries from inside electronic items.

During computer, packing takes back up all software and important file, after Turn OFF your system and disconnect all cables.

Large-screen, LCD, plasma televisions and valuable items should be packed in an Original box for their safe moving.

During Refrigerators moving empty all contents and ice makers should be disconnected in 3 to 5 days in advance of the move.

If you are ready to disconnect wires or cords, use stickers and color labels to mark their original configurations before you unplug anything when arrive at your new home It would be quick and easy to reconnect back.

Keep all of the parts and pieces of each electronic device together if you can, put all of the cords and parts of specific electronic equipment in a sealable bag so that they are packed together. So that parts will not miss anywhere.

Speakers should be kept upright to avoid damaging internal components.

Don’t forget to pack important cables, plugs back disassembled chargers.

Pack all of your cables and remotes in the same box because you can easily find everything.

Always the heaviest weighing items should be placed at the bottom of the box, with the light weight items being on top.
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